How to Use Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid golf clubs are new additions to the collection of golf clubs these days and they are usually the choice of recreational golfers. Both the terms ‘hybrid clubs’ and ‘utility clubs’ can be used interchangeably because they both represent the classification of golf clubs that combine the elements of iron and wood into the design. This combination has enhanced the technical features of the clubs that gives more advantages to the golfers.

Most of the hybrid golf clubs are intending to replace the two-, three-, four-, and even five-irons that they have. Majority of the golfers are commenting on the hybrids as ‘easier to hit’. Thus resulting to more golfers making the decision to buy the ‘hybrid set’ when shopping for a new set of golf clubs to use. You will find in a hybrid set that the standard three- and four-irons have been replaced with hybrid golf clubs. The reason is that they are designed to hit the ball for the same length of distance with iron clubs but with better forgiveness. Hybrid clubs have also other features that golfers can use to enhance their game performance.

The Fairway Bunker

You need to remember this one thing as you use the hybrid golf clubs in here and that is the angle of attack. Make it shallow and choke up on the hybrid club. You also need to move the ball just a little bit backward to your stance in order to minimize the risk of too much sand. Just swing the golf ball right out of the bunker.

The Rough

It might be unbelievable but hybrid golf clubs are really made to cut through the rough compared to iron clubs. Just practice some swings using your iron club and then use your hybrid clubs after. In the rough, you need to have a steep angle of attack because you want your hybrid club to be in contact with the long grass for a very short time as possible. Reduce your swing of the hybrid club and hit down on the golf ball.


It is best that you use your hybrid golf clubs when playing in a long chip and run style shot. You need to choke on the hybrid club way down and have a very narrow stance upon it. Essentially, you will just have to swing the hybrid club back and forth in the same way that you are going to make a really long putt. Just have some practice on this with your hybrid golf clubs and you will definitely love it.

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