How to Write Formal Letter

Do you want to complain about ineffective services given by a company? Do you like to inquire about a job opening? Do you want to make a business proposal with the marketing manager of a top performing company? Then one of the best ways of communicating with professional people and letting them know your complaints is by writing them a formal letter. To help you know how to write formal letter, below are some of the important guidelines or pointers that you need to learn to make sure that you get the attention of the recipient.

Important Materials

In order to write formal letter easily, you need a computer program that can be used in making letters like the Microsoft Word. In addition to the computer program, you also need a clean paper where you will print the letter. Before sending the letter to the recipient, do not forget to place and seal it in a clean, simple and presentable envelope.


Most people who write such type of letter, use papers with letterhead. However, if you cannot find a paper with letterhead, you need to indicate your complete address at the upper right corner of the paper. After indicating your address, double space and write the recipient’s job position or title as well as complete business address in the left part of the paper. As soon as you indicate the important information about the recipient, press the enter tab twice and indicate the date. Be sure that the month is spelled out. Avoid writing abbreviations as much as possible.

Double space and type the opening salutation. Make sure that the salutation is respectful. Afterwards, press the enter tab twice and proceed with the opening paragraph. In the opening paragraph, you need to indicate a reference for the letter. This can be a previous lunch meeting with the recipient or previous telephone conversation with the recipient.

As soon as you wrote the first paragraph, proceed with the body of the letter. It is important that you indicate all the information that you want the recipient to know in this paragraph. It is also necessary that you present the information in a respectful and concise manner.

After writing the body of the letter, double space and proceed with the final paragraph. If you wish to have a meeting with the recipient, you need to indicate this intention in this paragraph. Do not forget to thank the recipient for spending time in reading your letter. Finally, proceed with the closing salutation and press the enter tab four times. Write your full name and sign above your full name.

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