Is It Possible to View Movies Online Without Paying a Single Penny?

There are a lot of video parlours that allow renting of CDs and DVDs for the diehard movie fans.  A lot of people today prefer watching movies online. People believe that watching movies online is mostly illegal.  A lot of people watch movies and videos on You Tube and also through various file sharing programs. There are lots of websites which legally offer visitors to watch movies for free; unfortunately these websites are not very popular as compared to their illegal counterparts.


HULU: the name sounds funny but this word has a beautiful meaning in Chinese. It means holder of precious things. Though there is certain confusion over the meaning but one thing stands clear that ‘hulu’ means precious. Founded by the NBC and the News Corp, this popular website allows visitors to watch popular television series and movies for free. This site has the largest number of movies from major Hollywood studios like MGM, Warner Bros. Movies rated G, PG and PG-13 and can be watched without having to sign up. A signup is mandatory if the movie is rated R. There is a minimum of 10 minutes of advertisements interspersed through out the movie.

Another popular website to watch movies free legally is the; this site also doubles up as a Way back Machine. Most movies here are in the public domain due to the expiry of their copyrights. This website also offers a whole lot of documentaries and foreign films too, which can be enjoyed online or it can be downloaded as per the users wish.

A place for documentaries movie is – one site where one can watch documentaries online. This site has a big collection of documentaries. Apart from political and religious documentaries the other documentaries listed here are on various subjects like travel, science and pop culture. The only disadvantage of this site is the extensive advertising display especially interstitials, pop under and ad units with sound that begin automatically.

However, one would say that has smaller collection when compared to but those varieties of movies can be even watched online. Cartoon films, B-movies, horror films, sports movies and documentaries all can be found on This site not only allows you to legally download movies but also burn it on a DVD.

Downloading movie from public torrent:

One cannot download the movie files that are copyrighted with help of torrent as it would be illegal. Public domain movie torrents are another way of legally downloading movies in the public domain. Movies on this site can be downloaded in different formats, including Apple iPods, PDAs, Playstations PSP and Microsoft zunes.

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