Melbourne Shuffle

Rave and club dances are not known to have specific movements, with the exception of hip hop dances. Raves are about an expression of freedom and they encourage individuality and creativity. The Melbourne shuffle is one of those dances that allow you the freedom to let loose and express yourself. It is a rave dance developed in the rave or underground club scene in Australia in the late 80s. The basic style of the Melbourne shuffle is jumping backwards on your heel and forwards on the ball of your other foot at the pace of the music. The Melbourne shuffle is truly a dance that one uses to express their individuality. Once you stay true to the basic heel and toe stomping or shuffling then you may add your unique touch. Follow the beat and let loose, display your individuality. This dance because of its simple basic moves has left room for modification and infiltration from other genres of dance. Over the years it has been added to but still manages to be recognizable as the Melbourne shuffle.

History and evolution of the Melbourne shuffle (infiltration by other genres of dance)

Developed in the late 1980s the Melbourne shuffle was modeled from the stomping beat of the music in that era and thus was a dance with heel and toe stomping action. However throughout the years as the styles of music changed so did the format of the dance.

Techno music became very popular in the underground clubbing and rave scene in the late 80s and early 90s. This sped up the pace of the Melbourne shuffle and incorporated increased hand movements. Hip hop moves and dances also became a recognizable part of the Melbourne shuffle during this period.

In the late 2000s the Melbourne shuffle has evolved to take on a new age style. Teenagers are now adding their own personal flare to the dance and advertising these moves on the internet. As these individualized moves gain in popularity the style of the dance changes and the Melbourne shuffle in the underground scene takes on a new face. With the development of sites like the Melbourne shuffle has regained popularity and practiced all over the world. Since the dance evolves quickly as it encourages the expression of freedom to make your own move, it will always be a novelty.

Over the years the Melbourne shuffle has changed its form but it always remains true to the basics of the heel and toe stomping or shuffling. Though other genres of dance have had their influence and these are duly noted, the Melbourne shuffle always remains true to following the beat.

Apart from being featured in music videos the Melbourne shuffle has gained its popularity through the viral video site . On this site many versions of the dance may be found; from the original to the shuffle influenced by hip hop to a new age form now being adapted and taught by the younger generation.

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