Quick Notes on Wireless Modem

What is a wireless modem?

A modem that connects to a wireless network instead of using the telephone system, such a modem is known as wireless modem. When you connect via the wireless modem you would be connected directly to your Internet Service Provider or the IPS and once the connection has been made you can access the internet. The speeds of the wireless modems vary and can be compared to the dialup modem speeds but they can be no where near the broadband internet connections.

Different Types of Wireless Modems and Their Interfaces

Some of the wireless modems can be attached directly to your laptops; computers or PDA. The interface includes various types such as PCMCIA, USB, Compact Flash and Serial port. Wireless modems require the help of other devices which would connect to our mobile phones.

Wireless Modem And Their Networks.

When using a wireless modems, we must know that each modem is used with a particular network. This means that we can access only that network which we are using. There are few networks that support wireless modems and they are GPRS, EDGE and CDPD.

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