How to Apply Scene Makeup

Dramatic smoky eyes, nude lips, a barely there foundation, and light powder as your base. This is the basic idea of scene make up. There is no specific definition of this practice but it is a style of makeup that allows a woman to express herself. Scene makeup is not for the faint of heart; it is geared towards an emo/ punk style look, so prepare to be seen. Some people may think the bigger the better, or the darker the eyes the better but there is a fine line between looking like a celebrity rock star and looking like a mess. Your attitude, clothing and hairstyle are a big part of the scene makeup look; they enhance the look and give you that extra edge. Remember, the idea of scene make up is not to copy your favorite rock star but to take aspects of the look and make it your own.


  • Wedges
  • Powder brush
  • Angled brush to apply eye makeup
  • Lip gloss or nude lipstick
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Powder to match your shade
  • Eye shadow (use a dark palette, one with black, gray, silver, deep purple and other dark colors)
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • Silver eye liner pencil
  • Mascara


  1. Apply concealer below the eyes, beneath the last half of your eyebrows and on any other part of your face that made need it. Concealer covers all your dark spots.
  2. Place a dime sized amount of foundation on your wedge and blot the wedge unto your forehead, both cheeks and chin, leaving a little bit of foundation at each spot.
  3. Use the wedge to evenly spread the foundation on your face and neck. Do not try to rub out the concealer too much especially below the eyebrows.
  4. Using your powder brush; thinly and evenly apply your powder until you see a fresh face. Too much powder will make you look like you are trying too hard to get the look. Your makeup should seem effortless.
  5. Make a thin, horizontal line with your silver eyeliner pencil from below the middle of your brow line to the end of the brow.
  6. Use your angle brush to apply your black eye shadow color from the lash to just below the brow bone on both eyelids. Make sure that both sides look the same and are dark enough for your liking.
  7. Using the same angled brush apply a lighter color just above the black eye shadow and just below the silver horizontal mark. You could choose a dark shade of purple.
  8. Blend the two colors together using the angled brush for a somewhat smoky look but not quite.
  9. Apply liquid liner on your lower eyelid by pulling the bottom of your eye gently downwards and applying the liner directly on the line from which the hairs grow. Careful not to stick yourself in the eye.
  10. Apply the liner to the upper lid, directly above the line from which the hairs grow, taking the line a little bit further than the eyelash line. This makes your eyes look wider and brighter and is especially helpful for those with small eyes.
  11. Apply mascara, lip gloss or nude lipstick and your scene make up look is complete.

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