Solar Pool Heating

The use of alternative energy sources such as solar power has significantly increased over the past decade, but still lags behind fossil fuel use by a large degree due to the cost associated with adopting alternative fuel sources. There has been a recent increase in the use of solar energy to heat pool water. Solar pool heating uses the sun to heat pools, while traditional pool heating systems rely on electric or natural gas pool heaters.

How Much Do Solar Pool Heating Systems Cost?

It costs between $2,000 and $10,000 to have a solar pool heating system installed professionally. The cost varies based on the pool’s size, type of installation, and the pool’s location. Anyone who lives in a climate that requires the pool to be heated for a significant portion of the year, will realize the cost savings for a solar pool heating system withing a few years. It may take longer for those who live in warmer climates to appreciate their savings as this depends on how much the pool has been heated and the natural gas or electricity costs in the specific area. Most solar pool heating system retailers provide an estimate of the savings that may be accrued.

How Does a Solar Pool Heating System Work?

Solar pool heating systems heat water in a solar water collector. These collectors are placed in areas around the pool that receive direct sunlight (or a majority of the light available if installed in a shaded area). The pool’s water pump takes water from the pool and circulates it into the solar water collector and then returns it to the pool. The solar water collector is normally a hollow solar panel and transfers heat to the water when passed through the collector. If the pool’s location does not receive a significant amount of sunlight, a solar pool heating system may not be sufficient in the winter months. They work best in states such as California and Florida. In colder states, it is common to combine a solar pool heater with a traditional one to provide heat in the months that solar power is insufficient.

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Solar pool covers are another way to help keep pool water warm. The solar pool cover is used to mitigate the heat loss from uncovered pools in the night time hours as well as provide additional heat to the pool during the day. Pool covers are designed to collect the sun’s energy and transfer this heat to the pool water.

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