Ways to Get Rid of Moles

Moles are considered one of the more irritating garden pests. They leave lawns in shambles; they are the main causes of unsightly ridges. If you want to save your yard from mounds of dirt and bugged plants, read on to find ways to get rid of moles.

Method #1: Diet. For the most part, moles travel through lawns in search of food. Naturally, one of the best ways to get rid of them is to get rid of mole food. Moles feed on grub worms and earthworms. If you want to keep moles off your yard, keep your soil free from those types of worms.

Method #2: Use an ultrasonic device. This is an electronic way of getting rid of moles. By using a tool that creates a high pitch sound giving out an impression that another group of mole is in the territory, the moles will leave. Moles are small, gray mammals that are very territorial. They would not want to share an area with another.

Method #3: Mole repellent. This is a common resort for yard owners who do not want to spend so much but would definitely pay a sum for an effective technique to get rid of the common garden pests. What mole repellents do is change the taste of the grubs so the moles will move along to find a tastier lawn.

Method #4: Mole poison. An ultimate way of getting rid of moles is by poisoning them. Mole poison is available in spray and pellet forms. They are applied to the affected lawn or to the identified mole tunnel. The downside of this method concerns your pets. If your cat or dog chews on a poisoned mole corpse, it may become ill and die. So be sure that when you poison the moles, you will be able to pick them up right away and throw them away.

Method #5: Mole traps. Experts call it the most effective way of eliminating moles – trapping. In this case, you will use a trapping device to get rid of your not-so-lovable garden visitors. Mole traps do not cause much. They also do not cause much damage to the yard. That’s why trapping is a popular choice among those who want to get rid of moles.

There are numerous ways to get rid of moles. Your mole-exterminating method of choice depends on what you think might be effective to your case and which fits right into your budget. Mole traps, repellents, and poisons are available in home remedy sections of supermarkets. You must not have a hard time finding them.

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