Ways to Stay Healthy


There’s a popular saying, “Preventing disease is the best cure.” You can save yourself a lot of pain and trouble if you know the ways to stay healthy. It saves you money too because keeping fit is a whole lot cheaper than paying for hospital bills! But most of all, being healthy from the start lets you live life to the fullest.

You don’t need to be a miracle worker to stay healthy. All you need is common sense, knowledge and commitment. Here are our favorite ways to stay healthy. We show you the three types of exercise, proper diet and relaxation.

Easy Ways to Stay Healthy


The body needs to be put to work in order to stay in shape. Exercise regularly to stay healthy. For exercise to work, it must be 1) regular 2) intense and 3) balanced. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minute sessions each day. Each session must be intense for 15-20 minutes with a warmup and cool down.

There are three kinds of exercise: cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. Cardiovascular exercise speeds up your heartbeat. Good cardio are jogging, swimming and aerobics. Strength includes weight training, boxing and rowing. For flexibility, nothing beats yoga though aerobics is great too. Buy yourself exercise videos and do them every morning. Jog to the mailbox everyday. No matter what you choose, make sure you incorporate the three types of exercise into your routine.

Eat a balanced diet

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to be healthy. Consult the new MyPyramid to get an idea what to eat and at what quantities. You don’t need to use a scale or measuring cup. Use your common sense. Also eat smaller frequent meals than infrequent large ones. In general, try to eat more (whole) grains, vegetables and fruits; then dairy products and meat; lastly fats and oils. Don’t starve yourself of dark chocolate and other treats. Having them regularly in moderate amounts is better than avoiding them for weeks then going crazy in one sitting. If you can afford it, buy organic. Avoid eating at restaurants too often. Make your own food and take them along when you go.


Stress is one of the chief causes of disease. Listen to relaxing music. Do yoga and breathing exercises. Find time for yourself or with your loved ones alone. Turn the phone off. Giving yourself “quiet time” helps you relax. Each person is different so think of other ways to stay healthy like this. Maybe reading a book, walking in the park or watching old movies is your thing.

Give up bad habits

Most of the time people get sick due to bad habits. If you smoke or drink excessively, time to change. And of course no drugs. Too much sex depletes your energy supply. If you can’t do it through sheer willpower, join a support group. You can make new friends too.

Take your vitamins

Good food isn’t always enough. Sometimes food is treated or we don’t eat the right kinds of food. To play safe, take a vitamin and mineral supplement. Organic is best. Consult your doctor for any specific vitamins you may need. For example if you’re anemic you need extra iron. Be careful with overdosing on some vitamins, especially fat-soluble ones like vitamin A.

Remember that a healthy life takes commitment. These are the best ways to stay healthy and they do work. But you have to apply them to enjoy the benefits.

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