How Can I Find Someone’s Cell Phone Number?

When people want to know some secrets about a person, they often think a person’s cell phone can reveal the information they need. They ask themselves, “How can I find someone’s cell phone number?” Some wonder about this when they need to investigate the faithfulness of a person, like a spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend. But cell phone numbers are almost impossible to get than landline numbers are. Here are some simple tips to answer the query, “How can I find someone’s cell phone number?”

Ask the Person

When dealing with how to know a person’s cell phone number, the simplest solution is to go straight to the person concerned and ask for it. This is easy if the person in question does not sense any distrust or suspicion of unfaithfulness on the part of the inquirer. The number will be given willingly. But if the person detects an investigative tone in the inquiry, it’s another story altogether. In this case, there should be a more subtle way of dealing with the question how can I find someone’s cell phone number?

Use a Second Party Through a Trusted Friend

If you cannot ask the question directly, use a second party. Make sure the person chosen for this is a trusted friend. Ask the person, who is also known to or a friend of the object of inquiry, to ask the coveted number from the person in question. There is the least possibility that this trusted friend will be suspected of investigating something. Then you won’t have to be troubled by the problem, asking yourself how can I find someone’s cell phone number. If that trusted friend exists, this tactic is a surefire way of how to know a person’s cell phone number.

Ask the Person’s Friends

Another easy way on how to know a person’s cell phone number is to simply ask his friends. People’s cell numbers are likely to be known to their friends and associates. So, instead of asking endlessly yourself, “How can I find someone’s cell phone number?” simply schedule a visit to some friends of the person you’re investigating and ask for the number.

Consult Social Networking Sites Online

A lot of people today join social networking sites on the Internet. Try typing in the name of the person you are checking on a search window. If the person has an account, go to the profile section and look up “info.” There’s a chance that some cell phone details are posted there. Another online source to check is the national cell phone number registry, if there is one.

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