How to Call International Directory Assistance

One of the most important, effective as well as useful telecommunication services that people can use to reach their loved ones and friends in other countries is the International Directory Assistance. It is very helpful to individuals who want to know the contact numbers of other people in distant places. To use this service, it is important to identify the complete name of the person to be called. In addition, it will be best to know some personal information about the individual to be contacted. Below are the three options that people can always use if they want to know how to call International Directory Assistance.

Easiest Way

One of the easiest options is to dial 00 on the phone. A voice recording will be heard after making the call. Follow the instructions carefully. As soon as an operator answers the call, ask the operator to direct the call to the International Directory Assistance.

Using the Toll Free Number

Another effective method of calling or reaching the International Directory Assistance is by using a particular toll free number. To use this method, dial the number 1-800-225-5288 on the phone. A recording will be played. After hearing the recording, dial 21 and wait until the second recording was played. Dial 0 and wait for an operator to direct the call to the directory service.

Know the Company Code

To use this method, the first step is to research the company code of the caller’s long distance provider. To use the company code, it should have three to four numbers. After knowing the company code, dial 101 and the company code on the phone. When an operator answered the call, transfer the call to the International Directory Assistance.

Additional Tips

When using the International Directory Assistance service, do not hang up while the operator connects the call even if it takes some time. The call may be connected within a minute so the caller should wait. When it comes to the cost of the service, callers are reminded that the amount always vary on the provider of the service as well as the location where the call will be connected. To avoid having problems about money, ask other people who have already tried the service because they may have ideas about the cost of calling the International Directory Assistance. It is also best to surf the Internet and search for the usual costs of using this special, effective and very useful telecommunication service.

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