How to Make an Untraceable Phone Call

Do you want to increase your privacy by making untraceable phone calls? Are you interested in learning the steps in making a phone call that cannot be identified by the caller ID of the receiver? Below are the simple guidelines and tips that can be surely helpful if you want to learn how to make an untraceable phone call.

Hiding the Phone Number

Technically speaking, there are no guaranteed ways of making untraceable phone calls. However, there are some available methods that you can use to decrease the chances that the receiver can trace or track the phone call. One effective way of making an untraceable call is by hiding the number of the phone that you will use to make the call. To hide the phone number, press *67 before you make the call. By doing this, the caller ID of the receiver will not reveal your number, but if the recipient is knowledgeable about this method, the source of the call can still be identified by pressing *57.

The Use of a Softphone

If you do not want to use the first method, another method that can be used in making a call that cannot be identified by automatic number identification services is by using a softphone. Softphone is a computer application that allows users to make phone calls with the use of the Internet. To decrease the chances that a phone call can be traced, use a proxy server when making the call. In this manner, it will be hard for the recipient to identify the caller.

The Use of Payphones and Disposable Phones

Aside from using a softphone, you can also use a payphone if you do not want your call to be traced. However, when you are using a payphone for making an untraceable phone call, always look for security cameras that are usually located inside the phone boots since these can threaten the privacy or confidentiality of the call. To reduce the possibilities that the call can be traced, you can use disposable mobile phones instead. As a word of caution, remember to turn off the phone after making the call if you do not want it to be traced since there are technologies available today that can detect the location where the call was made. Another important thing to remember when making an untraceable call using a disposable mobile phone is to shorten or limit the call to 15 seconds since a 20-second call can already be traced by authorities with the use of sophisticated telecommunication equipment.

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