How to Use a Tube Turkey Call

Turkey calls are used to mimic wild turkey vocalizations. Hunters primarily use them to lure wild turkeys. The sounds that turkeys make like purrs, clucks, gobbles, yelps, and cackles can be mimicked by such calls. One well preferred call is the tube turkey call. It can be used to mimic almost every sound a turkey makes. The following are tips on how to use a tube turkey call.

Turkey in a Tube

Many top hunters prefer using tube turkey calls. Much of the reason being its versatility, which allows one to mimic almost any sound any turkey can make. These are made of hollow barrels and latex that that is rubber banded over half the call’s top.

How to Use a Tube Turkey Call

Learning how to use a tube turkey call is easy and convenient. You simply have to place your entire lower lip on the bottom half of the reed made out of latex. Next, place your upper lip over the top half of the tube. Your upper lip will eventually be overlapping the upper portion of the mouthpiece and would touch the tube’s body.

This would be like drinking from a bottle. Make sure that you don’t let any air come out of the mouthpiece or even on the sides of your mouth. One tip is that you tip the call slightly into your mouth just like drinking from a bottle of soda. Be sure to allow the tube call to rest firmly on your lips.

Making Turkey Sounds

The next thing you need to learn on how to use a tube turkey call is to make turkey sounds. It will only take a small amount of practice to learn how to make different turkey sounds. The most basic call, and the easiest one to do make, is to simply say ‘shuck’ into the call. An alternative is to say ‘tick’ or ‘luck’, which produces pretty much the same turkey sound.

If you can’t get the sound right you might want to alter the position of your lips on the mouthpiece until you get the sound right. One good way to practice and learn how to use a tube turkey call is to listen to recordings of turkey calls and try to mimic those sounds.

Making the gobble sounds would require you to say ‘tooka-tooka’. Say ‘tee’ repeatedly to make the ‘kee kee’ turkey sound. Clucking sounds are made by saying either ‘what’ or ‘hut’ over and over. Practice placing the call in your mouth and making sounds helps you learn how to use a turkey tube call.

Some Tips

Here are a couple more tips on how to use a tube turkey call. Adjusting the latex on your call will make the sound raspy, low pitched, or high pitched, which adds variety. You may add a little jaw action to make your turkey calls more realistic.

How to Use a Tube Turkey Call Video

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