How Can I Find Someone’s Email Address?

Getting in touch is important even on the Internet arenas. So if you are thinking in the lines of “How can I find someone’s email address?” keep in mind that there are dozens of sources and online directories to help you find the email you need in a quick and easy manner.

Here are some sites to answer your question, “How can I find someone’s email address?”

The Pipl Website

This is actually a free service of finding the information that you need. What this site does is to check directories on the Internet and databases like SEC records, flickr, Amazon profiles, or ICQ to get what you were looking for.


Another free people search website is that checks the most common and most famous directories on the Internet for email addresses like AOL, Yahoo! and Gmail.

Another site to try is which is an email address directory that helps people find pertinent information in social networking sites, phone books, and other sites online. This is based in Europe but is known to work worldwide.

Intelius People Search

To look for a particular email address, you can also choose going to the Intelius People Search site which is an email address directory on the Internet. It not gives a comprehensive search for the email address and can also provide who owns a particular email address.


Another email address directory that you can trust is PeekYou. This can provide you with ways to contact the person you need to find, and give you the profiles you may need.

Using this virtual directory can give you the chance to get reacquainted with people you want to find. You may need to register, though, before you can use this search portal.

Anybody who uses the Internet can be found by this people search directory.

Yahoo! Search Page

Another trusted website that can also be of great assistance to you in terms of finding the email address you want to know is Yahoo! People Search. It contains a comprehensive directory of email addresses which may help you look for the info you require.

Wink People Search

This takes a thorough look at the web and social networking sites to give you what you are seeking to find.


Searching with the use of tags is possible with Spock, a reputable email address directory on the Internet. While you can use this site to search by name or location, tags are also most welcome and even those other things that are closely linked to the person or email address you want to find.

These are just some of those commonly used sites to help you stop asking yourself, “How can I find someone’s email address?” Try them and see which option would be a most suitable choice in giving you what you seek for.

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