What is meant by Data Management?

Data management is an essential process of managing data. Managing data which is vital for any organization or business is very important.  DAMA (Data Management Association) is one of the largest organizations dealing in data management. According to DAMA, data management is a process of developing practices and procedures related to data management, data architectures etc. there are other topics which also fall under the data management category and they are data modeling, data warehousing, data movement, data mining and database administration.

What does Data modeling mean?

Data modeling is creating a structure for the data collected and organizing the data in a way so that it is easily accessible and efficiently stored when required for analysis. The structure created for the data must be named appropriately and must show proper relationship with the other data. It is also essential that it fits into the class appropriately. For example if the database is media the objects included are videos, photos and audio files. Under each category the objects are classified accordingly.

What is meant by Data Warehousing?

Data warehousing is storing data efficiently and effectively so that it can be rightly accessed and analyzed to give the reports. Data collection varies with different organizations, but most organizations follow the same method so as to analyze the reports and results and create efficient business solutions. Data warehousing is a large organizational repository and can be incorporated in just one department or office.

What does Data Movement mean?

Data movement simply means the ability to move data from one place to another. Data movement is predominantly seen while moving data from the collection place to a database and then to the end user. This needs a little technical insight. It is mandatory that all the data collected, the hardware and the applications are compatible with each other, so that they can be easily classified, stored and accessed with equal ease in the organization. Data movement can prove to be an extremely expensive affair as it requires lot of resources and data movement is done efficiently. It is also important to see the secure transit of the data so that once it reaches the end user it can be printed out as a report, saved as a file or emailed as an attachment.

What does Database administration mean?

The word data base administration has a lot of meaning. It is important to pay attention to a lot of things. And there is a need to be careful with these things. Database management is an important aspect of managing data. Every environment in an organization needs database administrators who play a vital role in database management. Database administrators have the task of recovering data, integration of data, security, performance, development and testing support.

Recovering data actually means storing data as a backup and testing for it validity. Integrity of data means that the data pulled out for certain files and records are valid and have high data integrity. Data integrity is important when using the data to create reports and analyze the data. Invalid data is deemed useless.

Database security is another important function of the database administration. A database administrator has the task of allowing and denying access to objects in the databases. Another vital function is availability. It is the process of making sure that the database is running fine. Productivity depends on availability. The more the up time more is the productivity level.  Interrelated to availability is performance. It is considered as getting the most out of the hardware, applications and the data. Performance is also related to the organization’s budget and resources.

A database administrator is also responsible for development and testing support. Database administrators are working hard to strive in order to make the best use of the data, get better performance and better applications and resources to the structure of the database. A correctly administered database is the sign of a competent database administrator, it also means that the end user have a huge resource in the available data. This makes making the reports and data analysis a lot more easily and ultimately helps in making efficient decisions for the organization.

What is Data Mining?

Sifting of large amounts of data through show trends, patterns and relationships is known as data mining. This is another important aspect of data management. This is a crucial aspect as a lot of interesting information is exposed about the data collection. To get the trends, patterns and relationships the data has to be collected in the right way. This helps in the growth and development of the business.  It is essential that you need to have basic information about them as they can help you in a lot of ways. Most people find data mining very interesting.

Data management has a lot of topics within a single heading and it starts from collecting data to sifting the data for the easy and efficient analysis of the data so that efficient decisions can be taken for better business and growth of the organization. You can know more about data management with the help of the internet.

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