How to Bake Corned Beef

One of the ways to prepare corned beef is to bake it. In learning how to bake corned beef, you will see that there are many things that you can actually add – like cheese and hash browns – for a more delectable dish to serve anytime.

Serving Size:

A most preferable serving quantity would have to be a recipe that would feed about four people. If you have the same number of people to feed, then, this simple recipe that would help you to learn more of how to bake corned beef on your own.

The Number of Ingredients to Prepare:

For this recipe, you may have to prepare these ingredients: About two tablespoons of butter, a cup of chopped onion, three cups of diced corned beef, ½ of chopped green bell peppers, a half teaspoon of dried leaf thyme, about two tablespoons of spicy or grainy mustard, one and one half cups of shredded Swiss cheese, about sixteen to twenty ounces of hash brown potatoes (preferably, thawed), and a dash of ground black pepper.

A Choice to Make in Advance and Bake Later:

You can even choose to store it in the fridge in an airlock container and bake it only when you are ready to serve it.

The Simple Preparation Procedures to Follow:

Using a medium or large skillet, you must first melt your butter. Just use one tablespoon. And cook over medium heat.

After that, you need to add your bell peppers and onion. Cook as you stir constantly. Continue until these ingredients become tender.

Next, add the remaining portion of the butter, diced corned beef, and thyme. Sauté these ingredients. Do this for about two minutes only. Then, add mustard. Stir. And set this aside for awhile.

You may then keep this in an airlock container and place this in your refrigerator. Chill this for awhile if you like.

The Easy Procedures for Baking:

When you are ready to serve this delectable dish to your family or guests, then, it’s time to get to the baking process.

First, you need to heat your oven to about 375 degrees F.

Get the first batch of cooked ingredients you made earlier.

After that, you need to press your hash brown potatoes in a baking dish. Sprinkle some pepper on it, and add half portion of the shredded Swiss cheese.

Then, spoon an amount of corned beef mixture and put it over the cheese.

Next, top it with the remaining portion of cheese.

Put it in the oven to bake. The baking process can be done for about thirty to forty minutes. Usually, this doesn’t take much to bake since most of the ingredients are already cooked in advance in the first place. However, if you chilled this in the fridge for quite sometime before baking, this baking process may take a few more minutes to get done.

If you forgot to set the baking time, all you need to do is check your dish. Your baked corned beef is done cooking if you notice that it gets lightly brown in color.

And that’s about it.

Once you understand what you need to do, learning how to bake corned beef can be really easy.

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