How to Install a Shower Door

Unlike other do it yourself projects, installing a shower door is relatively easy. Start off by getting all the necessary equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

Masking tape
Masonry drill (with bits)
Caulking gun
Stool or ladder
Tape measure
Miter box

Preparing the Area

Take off the rod and curtain. Get rid of any of the screws and anchors in place. Insert some glue in the screw openings. Let it dry before moving on.

Note: the tiles need to be removed if the screws are nailed into it. Also make certain that the old sealant is removed completely.


Before installing a shower door, measurements need to be taken. From the middle of the tub ledge, gauge the tub’s size. This is for the door track. Note this down as you’ll need it when purchasing the door components. Don’t forget to slice 3/8” off the shower track. This will be necessary to fit in the track system’s vertical parts.

Set up the Tub Channel Layout

Put the tub channel at the center of the tube ledge. The higher side must face out. Use a file to shape the channel corners. This will be needed if the tub is rounded off.

Before installing a shower door, make sure that the 3/8” cut is equal for each end of the track. Fasten the channel with a masking tape.

Set up the Wall Channel Layout

Clean the wall edges. If the walls are out of plumb get a professional to fix the problem. Insert the channel into the right spot. Try not to drag the tub channel from its location. If needed, file the channel so the curves match. Put a mark on the channel spots where you’ll drill. Use a pencil to make the mark.


Drill in the spot you marked. Do not hesitate. The drilling must be gentle yet firm. Add an “X” marking tape around the area. When installing a shower door, the tile might break during drilling. The marking tape will prevent this.


Apply some sealant around the tub’s edge. Lay the channel in place. Tape it. Fasten it with some screws. Slice about 1/16 from the top bar. Insert it into place after the sealant has dried. Take off the upper piece and put the door in the proper area. Use a ladder or stool if necessary.

Tips and Warnings

The door package you buy will have its own instructions. Follow it to the letter to avoid problems. This guide is a general one; the package you bought may have more specific instructions. Follow them. Always use the tape measure to get the right measurements.

You need to be precise when cutting and slicing because the parts may not fit. There are many types of door packages. These don’t come cheap, so doing some research will be necessary.

In truth, installing a shower door looks more complicated than it actually is. As long as you are patient enough to take the right measurements, you’ll be able to accomplish this project.

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