How to Build a Column Footing

There are many designs, but the way to build a column footing follows the same pattern. To start, you should obtain the following equipment. If you don’t already have them in your toolbox, you can buy them in hardware stores.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood boards (2 x 4)
Rubber cement (the quick dry type)
Pencils and papers
Tape measure

Make a Design

After choosing the site, you can make a design. Get some papers and pencils and make a sketch. It can assume any form you want. You can make one up, or you can combine the looks of other structures to create one your own. The more intricate the appearance though, the longer it will take to build a column footing. Remember to get the measurements for the structure.

Make the Foundation

Get a chalk and mark an area eight inches bigger than the structure itself. Now dig at the site. Make it 12 inches deep. All the sides must be a couple of inches larger than the structure you are making. This will keep the structure from being damaged by weathering. This allowance also reduces incidents of incidental bumping.


Take some of the 2 x 4 wood and use it to make a frame around the site. Use some of the plywood if needed. Arrange the boards along the frame. Link them with the plywood. The result is that the outer edges are enclosed. When you build a column footing frame, set it on the hole you dug. Add the form.

Putting in the Cement

Add the rubber cement in both form and frame. Do not fill the frame completely. Do not put in the gravel filler. Add more cement. Include the gravel filler. Let the cement dry completely.

When it has dried, you can get rid of the form and frame. Be careful when you remove it. Use a brush to get rid of any soft stuff around the structure. A masonry brush is the most effective one you can use.

Design Tips

To create more elaborate designs, go through history books and look at pictures. These have been used in ancient cultures like Greece and Persia. Check out their designs. You can use them or include elements of it when you build a column footing. When making these designs, you should have these pictures nearby for reference. Or you can make a drawing and use it as a guide.

Painting Tips

You should paint when the structure has dried completely. Donning a mask is also recommended. Of course, you should apply the strokes evenly. Besides painting, you can opt for dyeing or staining.

When choosing colors, make it blend with the flowers and other items in the garden like the gazebo. This will make it more attractive. Being simple to produce, you can create several copies and put them in different parts of the garden.

Learning to build a column footing helps you beautify your garden. Easy to build, you can have several of them without too many difficulties.

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