How to Build a Fort

Besides the usual swings and slides, you can also build a fort to make playtime more fun for kids. The subsequent instructions will show you how to make one without too much trouble.

Required Tools and Materials

Screws and nails
Wire cutters
Wood board
Posts (you can make them from the wood boards)
Tape measure

Choose a Location

Your garden or backyard is the logical choice. For a more authentic feel, there should be trees or plenty of grass around it. A pool or body of water is also nice. Plenty of rocks can add to the atmosphere although you can put these in later.

Make a Drawing

Before you build a fort, visualize how you want it to appear. The complexity will determine how long it will take to create. Go over some books and websites to see what the real thing looks like. Make improvements and changes as you see fit.

Create the Base

Take the measuring tape to get the right proportions. Make it spacious so several kids can get in. Make sure that it is thick enough to carry a lot of weight. It is better to make one large square surface than several small ones. If you’re going to make the floor with several planks, don’t leave gaps between them. This is for safety concerns.

Note: if you are going to build a fort with posts, make sure the posts can withstand the weight not just of the foundation but also several kids inside. Drill holes into the posts and use screws to fasten them to the base.

Create the Walls

Assess the size of each wall section before sawing them off. Use iron nails to put each one in place. For more support you can attach the walls to the supports. When cutting each wall, make space for the door and windows.

Make the Door and Windows

Saw the door and windows as you did the walls. For the door make sure that the hinges are screwed properly. Go inside the structure and test the door for stability. Next in line to build a fort are the windows. Make the window frame. Use nails to join each wood plank. Put them in place and add the necessary nails and screws on the corners.

Make the Roof

The shape can be anything you want. The one in the Middle Ages had a pointed or staggered appearance. They look a bit like a flattened cone.

When it is in place and secured, you can begin painting. Choose a dark grey for a realistic look. You can add some patterns into it if you like. Others go for the sand like hues. You can ask the kids for some help here.

Add the curtains in last. You can also make a flag and hoist it at the top.

That is all it takes to build a fort. Once it is finished, have the kids come over, and let the games begin.

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