How to Build a Brick Grill

By learning to build a brick grill, you can get those BBQs and hotdogs to taste the way you want it. To get started right, you should obtain the proper tools.

Required Tools and Materials

Grill pegs
Masonry cement
Building sand

Planning Comes First

Before you start digging, have a clear idea of the size of the grill. This makes it easier to gauge how much material you will need. Most of these have a standard look and appearance. If needed, you can draw one up. Take a look at some pictures to get an idea. After you have chosen the location, you can proceed.

Making the Foundation

When you find the spot, dig up the soil. The depth should be about 4”x 6”. Add in the cement mix. To build a brick grill in areas with strong winters, put in a rebar when the cement has dried. Without the rebar it may be prone to heaving.

When adding the cement, leave a pitch. Make it about 1/8 of an inch. This will serve as the drainage system and eliminate the water. Let 48 hours elapse before proceeding.

Making the Bricks

Begin by mixing the mortar. There should be three fourths sand and a part of cement. Never substitute beach sand. Beach sand will not suffice and will collapse with prolonged use. When you build a brick grill, use only the finest grade material.

Keep mixing the ingredients until its texture is like ice cream that is melting. Patience is needed here. If the substances are too thick it will be hard to use; if it’s too light it won’t attach to the bricks.

Layering the Bricks

Arrange the first row of bricks according to your design. Ensure that they are aligned correctly. Apply the mortar evenly. Don’t make it too thick. Just ensure that the whole surface is covered. For the second layer put more mortar on top. On the side add cement. Clean any spillovers on the sides. Overlap the bricks as you install them.

Adding Grills

Keep adding the bricks until you get to the grill level. As you build a brick grill, put in a metal pin. Use this to keep the grill in place. Add a cross pan at the seven course / layer level. This will function as the fire tray.

Make sure there is space among the bricks from the pan. This will facilitate the movement of air. You can also add a stone (called a cap) by the grill. Check it for any cracking, which can happen with too much heat.


Get only high quality bricks. Some stores sell specially made types just for grilling. When it comes to looks, it’s a matter of personal taste. You can incorporate the look of the material in your designs. You can make it blend in with the surroundings. Or you can select a unique look and make it stand out.

Understanding how to build a brick grill isn’t that hard. Armed with the right materials, you can whip one up without a lot of trouble.

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