How to Build a Gazebo

To complete your garden, you can build a gazebo. This doesn’t just beautify the scene but also acts as a cover for those hot summer days. Here are the things you’ll need to make one.

Required Tools and Materials

Building blocks
Concrete mix
Screws or nails

Choose and Prepare the Site

Select a spot in your garden. The area must be large enough to accommodate your design. Make the right measurements. This allows you to get the right amount of materials. Clear and level the area. This will help you plant the footings more easily.

Design it on Paper

Look at pictures to see what they look like. To build a gazebo, you can draw inspiration from others. There are design plans you can download or you can make one up yourself. When you draw, try to make it as accurate as possible.

Create the Base

Dig a hole about 4 inches deep. Remove some of the sod there. Put in the cement mixture. After it has dried, set in the posts. If needed, use a tape measure to align each post accordingly. Put joist hangers on each post. Put a brace for stronger support. Ensure that each is level and in their proper locations.

Create the Floor Deck

Cut the wood board according to the right size. Put it in place. When you build a gazebo floor, leave a small gap between boards. Let this act as the drainage system. Fasten or nail them securely.

Set the Columns

Cut and shape the columns according to the desired size. Place them in line with the posts. Nail each one to the base and the floor. Put a wood piece on each column top. Shape it to receive the roof joists. This step won’t be needed if there’s an attachment already.

Set the Roof in Place

Cut and shape the roof frame first. You can use wood or other building material. Raise it up to the right level. You can utilize a post to lift it up. Fasten it with joists. Cut the joists if needed. Get a ladder to connect the roofing to the joists. Getting help from others will accelerate this process.

When you build a gazebo roof, double check the measurements. You’ll need to make sure the plywood cover you’ll apply will fit correctly. When the proportions are right, saw the plywood. Set them in place with nails.

Tips and Warnings

You don’t have to stick with the basic square shape. You can make it an oval, octagon or hexagonal shape. This is meant to beautify your garden so be creative.

Add some plants and flowers around the structure. This adds to the attractive appearance. You can also set the structure near your fountain.

Wear goggles to protect your eyes from splinters. These will fly off when you saw wood boards. Some also like to wear ear plugs to mitigate the sounds of the hammer. You should also be careful when climbing ladders. It’s better to have someone with you to watch over.

When you build a gazebo, your creative side will come out. By adhering to the basic building principles, you can achieve a high degree of craftsmanship here. All it takes is patience.

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