How to Clean a Carburetor

Automobile engines run smoothly when carburetors are clean. Maintaining this all-important car part is very easy. By learning how to clean a carburetor, people can keep their engines working properly without spending money in exchange for professional services. With the help of this skill, they are guaranteed that the fuel and air of their engines are well regulated.

Materials Needed

For people who wish to learn how to clean a carburetor, they need to have rubber gloves, Allen wrench and compressed air. More importantly, purchase a good cleaning solvent for reliable results.


Open the hood of the car. Locate the carburetor. Disconnect it from the throttle, gas line and vacuum line. Likewise, take out the cold choke tube as well as PCV hose. After this, get the Allen wrench and then use it to unscrew the bolts connected to it. After unscrewing the part, take it out of the engine.

Get the cleaning solvent. Use this to wash, clean and remove traces of dirt, grease and grime. Take off the plastic parts. Dip the carburetor on the solvent. Let it stand overnight. The next day, remove the item off the solvent. Use a rag or cloth to wipe the item dry. Cleaning solvents can be very harmful. Before touching the item, be sure to wear gloves.

The inner parts of the item must be dry as well. Blow compressed air through inner parts. Use only a small volume and part of it so as not to destroy the thing with too much pressure. The item is guaranteed clean after following these quick and simple steps. It is now time to put it back together with the rest of the engine. Return the screws once again. Use the Allen wrench to bolt them back together.

Reinstall the five lines connecting the carburetor to the automobile’s engine. Connect the throttle, gas line and vacuum line once again. Likewise, connect the cold choke tube and the PCV hose as well. After going through these simple procedures, the engine is certified to run more efficiently and smoothly than before.

Additional Tips and Information

It is very important to return the removed parts the very same way they were before. To do this, label each connection before disconnecting including the throttle, gas line and vacuum line. Do the same thing to the cold choke tube and PCV hose. More importantly, ensure that no part of the carburetor falls off from the engine. Another important thing to remember, handle industrial solvents with care. These substances pose real health risks to users, so utmost care in handling them is greatly encouraged.

More Tips on Cleaning Carburetors

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