How to Cook Eggplant

Eggplant is among versatile vegetables that can be cooked alone or with other ingredients or as a side dish. Eggplant is know to be fiber-rich and a good source of potassium. This super vegetable, veggies with violet colors being highly nutritious, is easy to cook as well. Here are ways on how to cook eggplant.


This is the simplest way on how to cook eggplant. Just take off the stem (always take it off in all cooking styles except when grilling), wash it and boil with water in a cooking pot. No need to peel. Cook on high heat. To see if its cooked or tender enough, use a fork or a knife to determine how easy it is to be pricked. When done, take it out of the pot and put on a plate. It can be eaten as is, with vinegar, a little sugar, and pepper and salt, or eaten with sliced tomatoes and onions.

As a Veggie Ingredient for a Pork or Beef dish

When cooking beef or pork stew, eggplant can come in handy. Just slice it in half lengthwise and slice the two halves in a slanting manner or chopped in rectangles after washing. Put into the stew when meat is starting to get tender enough. This is also an easy method on how to cook eggplant. Sauced pork or beef, however, is seldom mixed with eggplant. Eggplant is more of the type that is compatible with stewing, or if cooked alone, grilling and frying. However, as a separate side dish with sliced onions and tomatoes, plus a little bit of pepper, salt and vinegar, it serves excellently with sauced or fried meat.


Grilled eggplant is also easy to cook. Just put the thing on the live charcoals with the stem intact. Turn its other side over by holding it at its stem when the side facing the charcoal is cooked. “Cooked” is when it looks burned. When it is ready, peel off the skin using two forks—one for holding the hot eggplant, the other for peeling off the skin. See the white texture beneath the charcoaled surface. Then mix with vinegar, garlic, diced onions and tomatoes, and some chili. This is the best way of how to cook eggplant when cooking outdoors.


Simply slice it in half lengthwise and slice the two halves in rectangles. Fry thoroughly in cooking oil but don’t burn it. When done, mix with a little bit of soy sauce and serve. This style of cooking eggplant makes it taste like meat.

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