How to Cook Salmon

Categorized as oily seafood, salmon is very nutritious because it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein as well as vitamin D. Studies also proved that the fish is a good source of Eicosa Pentaenoic Acid as well as Docosa Hexaeonic Acid, which are essential to brain functions. In order to know how to cook salmon, individuals should have ideas about the different methods that can be used to prepare a delicious dish with the fish as the main ingredient like grilling and baking. Additionally, it is also necessary to know the various recipes that can be used as a guide in cooking a satisfying and healthy meal.

Super Grilled Salmon

To prepare this dish, you need the following ingredients; two pounds salmon fillets, ¼ cup brown sugar, ½ cup hot water, ½ cup Shiraz wine, ½ cup soy sauce, 1/3 cup olive oil. Aside from these, you will use three cloves garlic, ½ teaspoon lemon pepper and two tablespoons cold water.

The first step in this recipe is to combine hot water and brown sugar in a small bowl. Add the wine, olive oil, garlic, soy sauce as well as lemon pepper. Mix thoroughly and pour the mixture in a resealable plastic. Put fish fillets in the bag and place the bag inside the refrigerator. Marinate for 8 hours to 12 hours. Heat the grill and cook the fish on the grill for five minutes to eight minutes each side. Pour marinate in a small pot and heat. Add the cornstarch and stir. Wait until the mixture thickens and boils. Pour the mixture over the fish fillets and serve immediately.

Honey Soy Broiled Salmon

The ingredients in the recipe are a pound of salmon fillet, a scallion, two tablespoons soy sauce, a tablespoon of rice vinegar, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of minced fresh ginger. In addition to these ingredients, you need a teaspoon of toasted sesame seeds. Pour the soy sauce in a small bowl and add scallion, vinegar, ginger and honey. Whisk and transfer the mixture in a resealable plastic. Put the fish fillet in the plastic bag with the mixture. Marinate for half hour. Heat broiler and cover a baking dish with an aluminum foil. Put the fish fillet in the dish and broil for five minutes to 10 minutes. Pour the marinate over the fillet and return the fish fillet in the broiler. Heat for two minutes and top the dish with sesame seeds. Serve the dish with a cup of rice.

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