How to Cook Green Beans

A tasty and versatile vegetable to have on a plate are green beans. It’s so versatile that you can cook green beans in several different ways. You basically stir fry it to make a delectable dish. Nevertheless, you also have the option to boil or steam your beans if you want to avoid the fat from frying. We’ll give you several options how to cook green beans.

Needed Items

Obviously you’ll need green beans as your basic item. You will also need olive oil or any other vegetable oil you like. You will also need garlic and/or other herbs to add flavor. You might also want to bring out your favorite vegetable dips like buttermilk, ranch, peanut, or yogurt. You will need to bring out the most basic kitchen implements to cook green beans like a frying pan, steamer, or a pot, chopping board, and a knife.


You still need to wash your green beans even if you bought them fresh from the store. After washing, you need to remove both the tails and their tops using a knife. After cutting the ends off you need to slice the beans into smaller lengths. Some people love eat their beans whole, so if you prefer to have whole green beans then don’t chop them.

Cooking Methods

There are a variety of methods to cook green beans. The simplest way to cook them is to blanch them. Blanch your beans for about three to four minutes. Remember to use salted water when blanching. After blanching, your green beans ought to be tender but still have a certain bite to them.

Steaming: Another way to cook them is by steaming. You don’t have to steam your green beans that long. You would usually require just a couple of minutes or three to steam your veggies.

Stir Fry:
One tasty way to cook green beans is to stir fry them. Use a pan and a light coating of vegetable or olive oil. You can add garlic or any other herb you like in order to bring out additional flavors. Use medium heat and stir fry for about three or four minutes only. You may add black bean sauce to give a sweeter taste to your dish.

Another interesting way to cook green beans is tossing it in with other fresh vegetables. After blanching or steaming you can toss it in with other vegetables on a tray. Bring out your favorite dips like ranch, peanut, or yogurt. You can even opt to have aioli or butter tossed with chopped herbs to add to the green beans’ taste.

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