How to Install a Steel Door and Frame

A door is one of the main protections of houses, buildings and other structures. If such fixture is made from weak materials, infiltrators can easily barge their way inside these supposedly safe and secured facilities. By learning how to install a steel door and frame, they can give their places and establishments superior protection from unwanted people.

Installing the Door Frame

This is the first part of learning how to install a steel door and frame. Take the old door off. After that, remove the old frame as well. Use a sandpaper to smooth out uneven and rough edges surrounding the place where to put the new frame. Use a measuring tape to calculate the exact size of the frame. It is also important to measure the difference between the size of the frame as well as the door. Use these measurements to cut the wood for framing. After that, get a miter box and then use it to cut wood for the corner parts.

Check the sides where to put the frame of the door. Look for any possible cracks and gaps in between the framing materials and the sides. Use caulk to fill these gaps. It is important that all parts of the framing are smooth. If not, get the level and use it to make the parts even.

After that, choose a nice paint color and then apply it on the molding and frame. Wait until the paint dries completely. Slowly but surely, install the framing materials one piece at a time. Wood screws and nails are perfect for this part. Put them tightly to ensure a safe and reliable frame for your door.

Installing the Steel Door

After installing the frame, it is now time to move on to the second part of the project. First, find the entry point and then install the jamb on it. Get the door shims. Place them at the middle of the wall studs and the jamb. Hammer a nail right into the hole passing through the jamb, shim and stud. Do this particular step one at a time. Start with one particular point before moving to the other two points.

Insert an additional door shim, this time at the bottom part of the door. Once again, push a nail through the jamb, shim and stud. Finally, add the last door shim and then use a hammer to nail through the top jamb, through the shim and then through the stud. Use 3-inch screws to put the hinges and then put the door in place where it will fit exactly right into the frame of the door.

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