How to Make a Toga

Throwing a toga party is a good theme option that you could choose when setting up a get-together among friends, family, or colleagues. A toga party is Roman inspired. Toga is a piece of clothing popularly used by the Romans in the earlier times. But toga is also used widely today, especially in toga parties as well as costume parties.

Of course, part of the preparation for a toga party is creating your toga costume. In this article, we give you a guideline on how to make a toga.

* The things you will need to make a toga include a fabric that is between five to six yards, some pins, and a rope or piece of cloth that will be used to tie the toga around the waist.

* The first basic step on how to make a toga is sewing the edges of the fabric. By hemming the edges, you keep the edges from fraying. That is where you will need the sewing machine.

* Making a toga is basically just about wrapping it around your body. However, there is a technique to do that to ensure that you get the exact effect.

* Wrap the fabric around your body starting from the back. Wrap it under your arms so that your arms are bare and the material almost reaches to your knees.

* Next, throw the rest of the cloth over your other shoulder and put a secure pin to the back of the fabric where you started. You should drape the cloth smoothly in your front so it looks attractive.

* You will need the rope or piece of cloth or a decorative belt to secure your toga costume around the waist. You just need to wear it snuggly and not tight-fitting so as to keep your toga as comfortable as possible. Remember that it is important to be able to move around freely even with your costume on. Your toga should not restrain your movements. Females using this costume should make sure that the fabric is tied securely to cover their bodies.

* A toga costume is very simple. The fabric used is usually just a plain white piece of cloth. So it depends on how you accessorize to make it look attractive. However, remember not to over accessorize otherwise you will just look as a piece of clutter.

* Coming barefooted or with a pair of open-toed sandals could be a good way to refurbish your look. You may also add in a few trimmings like a Romanesque necklace or bracelet, a wreath of fresh flowers or a tiara.

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