How to do Card Tricks

You don’t need to be a professional magician to learn how to do card tricks. Practice a few of these tricks and impress your friends.

Trick 1

Place the ace of spades on top of the pack. Put the card in the middle of the deck. After shaking your hand, the ace of spades gets back on top. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1

Get any card and put it on top of the ace of spades. Place them on top of the deck. The ace of spades will now be the second highest from the top.

Step 2

Make a break between the rest of the deck and the two top cards. You can do this using the pad of the pinky finger.

Step 3

Hold the two cards. They will assume you only have the ace of spades.

Step 4

Put the two cards back on the deck. Get the top card. Place it in the middle of the deck. Shake the card, and show that the ace of spades has popped back on top.

Trick 2

When you learn how to do card tricks, this technique is something else you may want to try.

Step 1

Remember the card at the bottom.

Step 2

Have someone at the audience pick a card, any card. Ask the volunteer to remember the card. Let the volunteer show it to the audience. The card should not be shown to you.

Step 3

Ask the volunteer to put the card at the top of the pack. Allow the volunteer to cut the cards as often as they like.

Step 4

Go through the deck. The card after it is the card of the volunteer. If the key card ends up at the bottom of the deck, the volunteer’s card is the one on top of it.

Trick 3

The Effect

Ask someone to select a card and place it on top of the deck. Have it cut numerous times. When the cards fall to the ground, you are left with the volunteer’s card.

How it is Done

After the card is selected, crimp the card at the bottom with the pinky. This card is then set on the deck’s top. The result is that the volunteer’s card is under the crimped one. Put your thumb below the crimped card, letting the other cads fall except the volunteer’s card.

After you learn how to do card tricks, make it a point never to tell the audience how it is done. It will ruin the effect.

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