How to Unblock Websites

One way or another, you might have experienced having a particular website you want to view blocked in the office, public library, or in school. Websites that have been blocked in these private networks include many of the popular sites online. Off color sites or those that contain content that are critical to certain groups or societies are also privy to this mode of restriction.

There are a few tricks you can pull out of your sleeves on how to unblock websites. There are two ways that you are blocked from viewing certain websites. There are websites that blocks and prevents your access and, turning things around, we also have restrictions on your network blocking your viewing of certain websites.

How to Unblock Websites that Blocks You

There are websites that block other people’s access. They only allow certain individuals to view that site’s content thus even if you’re at home with a computer without any viewing restrictions, you’re unable to view that site. Or simply put, that website is blocking your entry or viewing. These sites identify who to let in and who to block based on a specific IP address or IP range.

This type of block restricts anonymous access to that particular site. The site will check your IP address and if it’s within the range of IP addresses it blocks then you’re access is blocked. One work around is to change your IP address temporarily to one that is outside of the said IP range being blocked by a particular site.

How to Unblock Websites that are Restricted in Your Network

It is common for a school, office, or public library network to have restrictions on what websites can be viewed. It helps to know how websites are blocked to know how to unblock websites.

One common way to block websites is by installing software that restricts site access on browsers. What you can do is to configure the settings on that software to allow the websites you want to access.

On much larger networks, such as a school or a corporate network, you’ll have a firewall blocking your access. You have several options on how to unblock websites when you’re behind a firewall.

Proxy Servers:
Proxy servers are also known as website anonymizers. This is your first option on how to unblock websites behind a corporate firewall. They are also tools you can use to get around filters on your computer. Proxy servers are computers or programs outside of the firewall that you can access via the Internet.
What happens is that you connect to the proxy server and then that proxy server connects to the blocked website. The proxy then allows you to access the blocked website. The proxy acts as go between since it isn’t restricted by your firewall.

IP Address Browsing:
Instead of typing the regular URL of a site you can type its IP address and thereby unblock website. This may work but sometimes a firewall may come with reverse DNS lookup and keep that website blocked regardless of using its IP address.

URL Redirects:
Some websites offer URL redirects. All you need to do is access their service and enter an alternative URL of the site that is blocked. You then enter the new URL of the blocked site and view its contents since it isn’t recognized by the firewall.

Google: Google has tools to help you unblock sites. You can use Mobile Search, Google Cache, and Google Proxy to unblock websites.

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