How to Clean Leather

Cleaning leather can be a very tricky thing to do. The lack of appropriate information can turn such seemingly simple task into something that is quite hard to do. People can actually change this. By learning how to clean leather, they can save not only valuable leather materials, but also save money and costs that may come with professional services.

Materials Needed

For those who wish to learn how to clean leather, there are certain factors to consider. Stains can be very tough and harsh on leather. As much as possible, read product labels before using them on such delicate material. Choosing gentle products can help a lot because they can help prevent the material from drying out after use.

Before doing this task, be sure to bring in all the important materials that are needed for the job. With all these at hand, things are much easier to do and accomplish. These include a cleaning kit specifically designed for leather. This product is proven tough on stains but definitely gentle on fabric. In addition, leather protection spray protects against stubborn dirt and stains. A sponge may also come in handy, especially when cleaning the material. Additionally, bring in a dry towel, a damp cloth and soap. Furthermore, a leather conditioner can also be a great help for this particular task.


For finished leather, locate and isolate the particular spot with stain. Put a small part of moisturizing soap on a damp cloth, preferably a gentle variant like Dove. Use the cloth by rubbing it gently on the stained area of the leather. As much as possible, use very little water as this may have a negative effect on such delicate material.

Furthermore, it is highly important not to use water at all in rinsing the soap. Instead, use only damp cloth to wipe the lather away from the leather. After taking out the stain, wipe and polish it dry with a nice clean towel. To prevent the material from drying out, use a leather conditioner to bring its moisture back.

For unfinished leather, just any kind of soap can do the job. Use a sponge and rub it against the soap. Create lather and then apply directly right onto the stain. Rub the sponge against the material for several times until the stain fades off completely. Use a nice clean dry cloth to wipe the soap and lather away. Let it dry for some time. Moisten the material with a conditioner. After that, apply leather protection to defend it against possible dirt and stains.


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