How to Use a Calculator

A calculator is a digital math problem solver. Just press the buttons and it performs any mathematical function and calculates answers accurately. Here are the basics of how to use a calculator.

Activate Power

Calculators being electronic gadgets, they are operated with the use of a small amount of electricity. Power source may be through direct plugging into an electrical outlet, through battery power, or through solar power. Make sure the device is powered before using it. If it is, press on the power button to turn it on. That’s the first step on how to use a calculator.

Sets of Numbers and Operation Symbols

Once the power is on, get to solve the number problem right away. Type the first set of numbers in the problem. For instance, to solve 547 divided by 67, type the first set, which is 547. Check the screen of the calculator if the pressed numbers are correct. Inaccuracy in answer is often caused by inaccurate typing of numbers or operation symbol.

Then press on the button of the operation symbol required—multiplication (X), addition (+), subtraction (-), or division (÷). Then type the second set of numbers in the problem. In the above example, this set is 67. This is how to use a calculator properly.

Equals Sign to Get the Answer

Once the two sets of numbers and the operation symbol needed are typed in, the answer is yet to be seen. To get the correct answer to the problem, just press on the “equals” (=) button. The same goes for any problem on multiplication, subtraction, or addition. The user doesn’t have to calculate anything. The calculator does all the problem solving.

Other Functions

The other functions should be used for completing the knowledge on how to use a calculator. When solving several sets of numbers using different operation symbols, use the memory option. Press the memory (M) button each time an answer is derived, and then proceed with the next number set and operation. Solve also as many number sets with the same operation without having to use the memory option.


Numbers or operation symbols typed in that need to be changed can be remedied by simply pressing the correction (C) button. This deletes specific number sets without having to repeat the whole equation. Other versions of this function delete numbers one by one.

Square Root

Calculators also solve square root problems in no time. Just type the numbers to be solved and then press the square root (?) symbol.

These are the basics on how to use a calculator.

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