How to Use a Table Saw

Also referred to as a sawbench, a table saw is divided into four major classes, namely hybrid table saws, cabinet table saws, contractor table saws as well as benchtop table saws. Despite their differences, these cutting materials are guaranteed to deliver the best results, especially if you know how to operate them. Make the most out of these devices by learning how to use a table saw.

Materials Needed

Before you learn how to use a table saw, you need a few materials that can help you get the job done easily and safely. Aside from the table saw, you must bring different protective gears like a dust mask, work gloves as well as safety goggles. Once you have these available, you can now proceed with this relatively simple task.


To achieve the best results, it is good to use the right kind of blade for the job. Likewise, the blade must be sharp in order to make the cutting process easier. More importantly, a sharp blade is less likely to overheat and bind compared to a dull one. For safety purposes, always make sure that the blade is tightened and seated well. Look for the blade guard and then ensure that it is still functioning properly. If not, try to replace it right away to prevent any kind of accident later on.

It is also very important to check if the blade is aligned properly. It is good to have a high blade height instead of a low one. Before cutting, watch out for nails and knots because this can cause damage to the blade. As much as possible, avoid them at all cost. Once you see one, slow down and prevent it from hitting the blade. While using the saw, it is good to stay at the side for better control. Always keep in mind to plant both feet firmly on the ground. This will prevent any kind of accident from happening.

Never try to push the wood right into the blade. Instead, feed it right into the saw by applying very little pressure. In addition, do not put your hands near the blade. The wood must be pressed firmly against the guide while cutting. Once again, remember to use blade guards for your safety. Do not remove the wood right away. It is better to wait for the blade to stop before taking the wood off.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Before you start using the saw, try to read the owner’s manual first. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the cutting process. Likewise, it is best to follow safety instructions. Protect yourself at all times by wearing dust mask and goggles.

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