How to Use Apa Format

These instructions for using an APA format can be applied to any word processor. Look for the appropriate features in your application to follow these steps.

How to Start Making a Bibliography

First you need to distinguish between a reference list and a bibliography. The difference is that a reference contains only info that you used in your research paper (i.e., quotation).

A bibliography contains all the works you consulted for your work, regardless of whether it is actually referred to in the finished document or not.

Make a list of all the books you want to include. List them alphabetically by the author’s surname. If there are two authors, start with the name of the author listed first on the book. When using an APA format, use the first letter on the book’s title if the author is unknown.

Adding the Authors’ Names

The author’s last name should be written in full. The first name should be written by initials only. Put a period after the initial. Put a comma to separate the last name from the initial.

Next, enter the date of publication. Put it in a parenthesis. Put a period after the closing parenthesis. Type the article’s title. Put a period after it.

If referring to a book, type the title in italics followed by a period. Capitalize the title’s first letter. When using an APA format, you should capitalize the major words if it’s a journal. Next, put in a comma, the volume number, issue and page number. Separate each one with a comma.

Other Items to Include

Add the publication place, a colon and publisher. Put a period after typing the publisher name. Everything should be indented except the first line. Keep in mind this style is only for books.

If you use other sources, you’ll need to use another style. Some editors and publishers may require a different format altogether. Ask first if the APA format is suitable or if another one should be employed.

Using an APA Format: Examples

For books, the entry would look something like this:

R. Hittleman (1973) Yoga: eight steps to health and happiness. New York: Bantam Book.

For websites, list the author’s name, the date and title in the manner described earlier. Add “retrieved on” followed by the date and the name of the website.

For online journals you should use the same formatting as with live journals. When citing book chapters, set down the chapter’s title before the book title and the author. Include the pages cited in the chapter or the pages cited in your research paper.

Keep in mind that some bibliographies use other formats. Some start with the author’s full name followed by the title, the publishers and the year it came out. For example:

Cook, Robin, The Pyramids of Giza, Seven Islands, Glastonbury, 1992.

Note that in this case, the author’s name is given in full. The book title is capitalized and the year is entered last.

Using an APA format when writing doesn’t just make your work look polished; it provides references for your readers and serves as a valuable resource as well.

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