Painting Ideas

Implementing painting ideas is always a fun and artistic way to add color, dimension and life to any setting. A painting idea can be tastefully done whether by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project. Of course, each project will vary in effort, technical skill and equipment needed depending on its size and design. There are so many techniques, that even the most novice decorator can put unique and creative painting ideas to good use.

Starting Small

When undertaking a painting project it is best to start small particularly if one is doing so for the first time. The smallest changes can have some of the biggest effects. Projects can range in scale from artwork (such as a design or pattern) being placed on a single wall, to an entire room being completely revamped with just one or a kaleidoscope of painting ideas. Before starting you should decide on the scale of the project and then you can begin working on a concept.


After having considered the scale and location of the project, one should begin to consider design, colors and templates. If this is your first time undertaking a project like this, the first place to start is with palettes. Palettes provide a multitude of complementary colors to choose from.

From these complementary colors, the design options can be as creative and as diverse as you want them to be. You can even use varying shades of the same color to create shapes and patterns to match with your painting ideas. For example, if you are decorating a wall in a baby’s room, you can use brightly colored shapes (such as triangles, circles etc.) or even fruits (such as oranges, apples and pears) to decorate against a very light hue such as off-white or sky blue.

Expanding Horizons

Painting ideas and concepts are not limited to just walls. For example, one can apply the above process to furniture. Using the same example of the baby’s room, you can paint your concept colors unto a chest of draws in the room or on the railings of the crib. You can also get sheets and curtains that complement the project concept and color template.

Playing it Safe

Whatever painting ideas or concepts you choose to implement in your design project, it is also wise to exercise safety. For example, be careful to choose non-toxic and environmentally friendly paint. Especially for a baby’s room, you should ensure that the painted room is properly aired and that the paint has completely dried for at least a few days before having a baby or young child inhabit the surroundings.

In addition, even if one attempts to go it alone, it helps to get professional help or advice concerning your design concept and painting ideas, how to implement them and what safety precautions to be mindful of before, during and after your project. It is important to secure this assistance from the planning stages to ensure a successfully and safely executed project.

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