Spring Cleaning Tips

It is often a yearly resolution for many house wives and home owners in general to do a thorough cleaning of their residence. Spring cleaning has therefore become a societal tradition. It is a daunting task and no matter how much you value your home, and more importantly the beauty of your home, it is not always easy. A typical challenge is a lack of assistance in getting the job done. The first spring cleaning tip for home owners with children then, is to get the kids involved. This will not only get the job finished faster but will teach your children a sense of duty and responsibility. Try to also get other persons involved such as those you know will not be busy. Delegate and get some cooking done; put in a great CD and make the activities fun.

Wall cleaning

If you are cleaning interior walls you will need a wall cleaner. You may mix the cleaner from common household items.  Mix 1 cup ammonia, ? cup white vinegar and ? cup baking soda to one gallon of warm water. If you have a textured wall, a good spring cleaning tip is to use nylon socks as opposed to a sponge or cloth in order to avoid leaving behind residues of sponge or lint. A good idea is to tie a dust cloth onto a broom and start from the top to the bottom, especially when cleaning wall paper.

You are able to get rid of greasy spots or markings from crayons using a paste cleaning fluid and corn starch. Allow the wall to dry and then clear the remains. Continue application until all spots disappear. This is probably ideal for persons whose children constantly make a mess with grease and crayons on the walls.

For walls on the outside, spray the walls with a water hose to remove dust and cobwebs.

Spring cleaning tips for windows

If you so desire, making your own spray cleaner is quite simple. Get a spray bottle and fill it with three table spoons of ammonia, one table spoon of vinegar, and add water.

Dust blinds by placing a piece of cloth on a ruler or any other flat article you think is able do the trick. Apply the dusting spray to the cloth and pass the flat end across the blinds.

Shine windows by the use of old newspapers. Dry the windows from the outside in one direction and then the inside in the other. For cleaning window sills, add water to some rubbing alcohol to wipe the surface. After this use a clean cloth to wipe dry.

Cleaning Bathrooms

A good spring cleaning tip for getting rid of the haze on bathroom windows is to use rubbing alcohol, which is very effective. For glass shower doors it would be good to use vinegar to get a great shine. You can also get rid of the rust marks on tiles by using kerosene oil.

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