How to Get Ink Out of Clothes

Ink can easily ruin expensive clothes. Aside from its awful appearance, this kind of stain is very hard to remove. It usually takes special skill and knowledge for the successful removal of such unsightly impurity. Those who wish to learn how to get ink out of clothes can actually save their favorite clothes from going into the dumpster. More importantly, they can save money instead of spending on new clothes.

Materials Needed

Before learning how to get ink out of clothes, people need to buy certain materials that are right for this particular kind of job. One of them is the laundry stain remover, preferably a trusted brand that is proven effective against hard-to-remove dirt and stains. Likewise, bring in some paper towels as well as sponge, each of which has a role to play in removing such unsightly stain on clothes. Get also a hairspray, which because of its good alcohol content, can significantly reduce the amount of ink stains on clothing. If there is no hairspray available, denatured alcohol is also proven effective in slowly removing ink stains in almost any kind of clothes.


Dip the sponge in water. Use it on the affected area. Let it absorb any possible ink that may come off the clothing. Once the ink stops coming off, let it dry. Get the hairspray and then put some directly right onto the stain. Peel off some paper towels. Put some underneath the stain. In addition, use also some paper towels on top of the affected area.

After some time, get another paper towel and then use it to apply some pressure on top of the stain. Wait until the stain soaks out entirely. While doing this all-important step, be sure not to rub the paper towel onto the stain because the color will just spread out to cleaner parts. Instead, dab the material slowly right onto the stain while applying ample amount of pressure.

Get the laundry stain remover. Put small amounts on the affected area, particularly the spot where the stain is located. Wash that particular part. Let it dry and witness how neat the once-stained clothing looks now.

Additional Tips and Information

Aside from hairspray, other good materials are available that can be used to remove ink out of clothes. One of them is denatured alcohol. Simply use cotton swabs to dab the material right onto the stain. Wiping will not help because it will only spread the ink into other clean parts. Because of this, limit the application of denatured alcohol into small dabs.

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