Different Ways to Kiss

Are you and your partner get bored of doing the usual kind of kisses as well as French kiss? Then you can put some variety in the way you kiss your partner. Learning the different ways to kiss is pretty easy for both experienced kisser and first timers.

Different Ways to Kiss

Chocolate Kiss – This is a different way to kiss that is best done with chocolates that has a caramel in them. Take a sufficient bite from the chocolate and do the French kiss with your partner.

Feeding Kiss – You can do this by taking a bite of chocolate and then smash it inside your mouth and do kiss your partner. While kissing, feed the chocolate to your partner. This different way to kiss is also great with other kinds of food that has a good taste.

Milk Kiss – Do it by taking a sip of a milk that has a good taste. As you kiss your partner, let the milk flow from your mouth to your partner and continue kissing each other.

Suck Kissing – This is a different way to kiss that is really seductive. As the lips of your partner parted, suck on their bottom or top lip with your mouth and let it last for a few seconds. Then you can continue on to French kissing or other ways to kiss.

Nip Kissing – This is a different way to kiss that has to be done very carefully so as not to hurt your partner. You will definitely create a wonderful effect on your partner when you do this kiss correctly. During suck kissing, bite your partner’s lip very, very gently.

Surprise Kissing – You can do this kiss while your partner is lying with their eyes closed whether she is asleep or not. Silently approach your partner and give her a small and very gentle kiss on the lips. Then you can put some intensity on the kiss as your partner awakens or open’s her eyes.

Vacuum Kissing – This is a different way to kiss that is playful. During an open-mouthed kiss with your partner, you can try to intensely suck in the air from your partner’s mouth to please your partner in a playful way.

Cordial Kissing – You can do this by taking a very little sip of your favorite beverage and as your lips meet to kiss, let the drink pour out to your partner’s mouth. Just remember to take a very small amount of sip from the drink.

Spiderman Kiss – This is done just like the way you see it done in the Spiderman movie. You kiss your partner in an upside down position in order to take you and your partner’s lower lips and then proceed to the other different way to kiss listed above.

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