Ways to Tell a Guy Likes You

It’s hard to tell if a guy likes you especially when everyone seems to be nice and thoughtful during friendships. Most young people fear misinterpreting acts of kindness for hints of special attention or love. But fear no more. Here are ways to tell a guy likes you derived from years of actual relationship counseling experience.

Obvious Uneasiness

When a man shows signs of uneasiness when you are around, that extra consciousness of your presence says he likes you. Signs like blushing, stuttering, or suddenly being quiet when you are close to him or when you suddenly show up where he is should tell you that the guy is interested in you. One of the ways to tell a guy likes you is also when he acts awkward when you call his name. So watch out for these signs that a guy has a crush on you.

Too Much Concern

When a man obviously shows his concern for you, or worries too much for you, it means he likes you to be more than a friend. The usual signs that a guy has a crush on you are the following: the offer to accompany you home gets more frequent; calls too frequently to “just say hi!”; shows concern even for your personal welfare, like schooling, going home late at night, health, eating on time, how you slept the night before, taking medicines, and the like. Or asking frequently how your parents, relatives, business or job, pets, are doing. Watching closely how a man exerts extra effort just to regularly strike a conversation with you are among the ways to tell a guy likes you.

Probing Into One’s Interests

When a guy delves into your interests and strives to see common grounds with you or develop a liking for those you have that aren’t his, he’s interested in you. These are sure signs that a guy has a crush on you. Interested men will go to extremes just to get the special attention of the ladies they are interested in. Sometimes, they would even change religion or college course or political views. How a man probes into your likes and dislikes is among the ways to tell a guy likes you.

Always Spending for the “Friendship”

When a man spends too often for a woman, it is more than mere valuing friendship. That’s investing on it, too, to take it to the next level.

Remember, also, that just because you are able to tell a guy likes you, it means you go grab him for yourself, too. Wait until the guy actually says so.

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