How to Pick Locks

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a key and not being able to access your drawer or cabinet. But if you know how to pick  locks, that won’t be a problem. Here are some of the methods you can use. Done properly, any one of these can be used to pry open locked doors and containers.

Method One: a Torque Wrench

Put the wrench into the keyhole. Try turning it both ways. You’ll know the wrong way when you twist and the wrench is stopped hard. Twist in the opposite end. Hold the wrench with some pressure. Hold it steady. Now take a pick.

Place it at the higher section of the keyhole. Push the pins upward. Some pins will be harder. You must be patient. For you to pick a lock, just keep holding the torque wrench with gentle pressure.

Eventually a clicking sound will be heard. It means the pin is off the cylinder. Repeat the process for all the pins. When all have been set off, move the wrench and it will open.

Note: do not turn the torque wrench in the opposite direction. If you do the pins will be set in place again.

Method 2: Hairpins

Take any hairpin and flatten it. Do this carefully so it does not snap in two. Set the ridge side to match that of the keyhole. Turn the hairpin in the hole. Hold it with firm but gentle pressure. Be careful when you apply pressure because the pins might snap shut again.

Method 3: Scissors

You can also pick a lock with scissors. Obviously you should get one thin enough to fit in the hole. Insert it as deep as possible into the hole. Now turn it counter clockwise. Just keep moving it around until it opens.

Be careful when using scissors. If you pull and wriggle too hard it might snap or fly from your hands. Take care not to injure yourself.

Method 4: Swiss Knives

A better alternative to scissors is the Swiss knife. There are several blades. Just try them all. Put each one in the keyhole and turn it. As always, apply some pressure when holding. However, you should be careful when using the blades as they are quite sharp.

Method 5: Screwdrivers

Another way to pick a lock is by using this tool. Pick one whose tip fits in the hole. Turn the screwdriver into the right direction, that is, where it will open. If turning doesn’t work, twist it in the hole.

Method 6: Cards

For doorknobs, you can use a card or thick cardboard. Put the card amid the doorknob and door. Give the card a push up. Keep repeating this until the doorknob gives way.


Be patient when trying any of these methods. Learning to apply the right amount of pressure is the crucial factor. If you are going to use paper clips, make sure they are flat too, like the hairpin.

You will never know when you might lose a key or misplace it, so knowing these methods might come in handy. Once you know how to pick a lock, you will no longer feel frustrated or panic when that key disappears.

How to Pick a Lock Video

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