Ways to End Relationships

It should be said right away that painless ways to end relationships do not exist. There will be pain, but your goal should be to keep the hurt to a minimum.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Decide

This is very difficult, but you need to analyze the situation as objectively as possible. Do not make a decision based on how you’re feeling at the moment. Anger makes people react and do things without thinking.

Do not succumb to this temptation. You might end up regretting your action a few hours or days later. You need to think with a clear mind.

Think rationally. Why are you looking for ways to end relationships? Are the differences between you truly irreconcilable? Again, the argument you had may overwhelm you emotionally and cloud your judgment. Wait for a few days and see if you still feel the same way.

Timing is Crucial

Pick the time that is appropriate for both of you. Don’t call them at work and say “it’s over”. Choose a time and place where you can sit down and talk. Don’t choose a public place like restaurants or parks. The last thing you want is to create a scene.

Keep it Private

It’s all right to talk to counselors and friends, but don’t detail every aspect of your relationship. While other people can help you look for ways to end relationships, it can work against you. The stories you tell can travel and get embellished. This can make things more difficult for the parties involved.

Avoid Confrontation

You don’t need to prepare a long speech. Just stick to the facts. State the reasons why you want the relationship to end. Don’t say anything patronizing or insulting. Never bring up past quarrels into the discussion. Stick to the issue at hand. Bringing up grudges and arguments will not help. Do not get into a shouting match. Just state your case.

Try to explain the facts as clearly as you can. If the argument is getting heated or you’re getting angry, walk away. Don’t just leave in a huff. Say goodbye and leave.

Gentle yet Firm

If you’ve made up your mind to end it, don’t let pleadings sway you. Don’t let a few tears or promises to change deter you. You need to remain firm in your decision.

Set Boundaries

When looking for ways to end relationships, be sure to have boundaries. You don’t have to feel obligated to remain friends. However you shouldn’t close the door entirely. Give yourself some space to get over the relationship. Only time will tell if you can be friends again. Don’t force the situation.

Don’t feel guilty about getting into another relationship so soon after ending the first one. Only you can determine if you’re ready to start all over again. Of course, you should never enter into a relationship just to get even with your ex.

As stated earlier, there are no easy ways to end relationships. But the worst thing you can do is to keep yourself involved with someone you no longer love, so it’s better to end it.

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