How to Make Glycerin Soap

Glycerin is well known for its ability to moisturize human skin. It dissolves in water and is also considered an excellent solvent. Additionally, glycerin absorbs moisture from the air, which enhances its ability to be the primary agent in a moisturizer. In a classic soap making process, glycerin is a byproduct of the fat and lye that are combined since it is contained in the animal fat. Many major soap manufacturers remove glycerin from their soap, then use it in other higher-end bath products or lotions. As a result, many consumers prefer to make their own glycerin soap in order to enjoy the moisturizing properties of the compound when bathing.

How to Make Glycerin Soap

Step 1 – Melt approximately 1 lb of glycerin soap base in a double boiler. The boiler’s temperature should be set to 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2 – Remove the base from the heat and stir in the coloring agent. Avoid using food coloring. Choose cosmetic-grade coloring agents instead. If food coloring must be used, pick a brand that is clothing safe. Add no more than one tablespoon of essential oil (if it is going to be used in the soap) then thoroughly mix.

Step 3 – Pour the mix into a candy, candle, or soap mold. Lightly spray the molding with rubbing alcohol prior to adding the mixture to minimize the amount of bubbles the soap mixture may create.

Step 4 – Lightly spray any soap bubbles that form at the top of the mold with rubbing alcohol to make them disappear.

Step 5 – Allow the soap to cool for 30 minutes then place it in the freezer for an additional 30 minutes.

Step 6 – Remove the soap from the freezer and allow it to set for another 10 to 20 minutes. After this time period is over, remove the soap from the mold.

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