How to Cook Crayfish

The following is a guide on how to cook crayfish. Even if you have no experience, the procedure will be quite easy to follow.


Slice the crayfish in half. This should be lengthwise. Use marinade for basting. Place on the grill with the flesh side facing you. Grill until the flesh is no longer transparent.

Barbeque or Roast

Cut the fish lengthwise in half. Brush it with butter. Set the fish flesh side down. Roast for 8-10 minutes at 200 C in an oven. The cooking time is the same for barbecue.

Boiling Instructions

Place the fish in a water filled container. Any container will do as long as it can be drained. Drain off the water three times minimum. If you are removing the fish from water, wear gloves. Prepare flour gallons of water for a 40 lb sack of crayfish. Season the fish. Boil the water for five minutes.

The amount of seasoning is up to you. Toss in the potatoes after the water has boiled. Cook for five minutes. Take them out after five minutes to avoid overcooking. This is important when learning how to cook crayfish.

Add the fish to the boiling water. Place a cover on the pot. Allow the water to boil again. After the water has boiled, throw in some corns if you want. Turn off the pot after tossing in the corn. Keep the lid on for half an hour. Remove the water and take out the fish and corn.

Tips and Other Information

If you are using boiled or live crayfish, make sure the container will not be used for anything else. When you are studying how to cook crayfish, make it a point to experiment. Try other flavorings like onions, mushrooms and other vegetables. However, you should prepare other ingredients ahead of the fish. If you cook them along with the crayfish, the time will double.


If the fish is live, keep them alive prior to cooking. If they die, place in a chiller. You can also kill them and place for 120 minutes in a chiller. If the fish is frozen, allow for overnight thawing. Eating the fish is easy; you just have to separate the head and body.

Take the skin from the tail and use your teeth to remove the meat. Now you can just suck the juices and meat remaining on the head. That is all there is to it.

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