How to Draw a Dog

Known as the man’s best friend, dogs are gentle, nice and loyal pets. These animals have great characteristics that make humans more attached to them. Most artists who love canines make beautiful and attractive illustrations of dogs. The animals are very easy to illustrate that even children can have a fun and enjoyable time drawing these pets. The steps and tips below can serve as a guide if you want to know how to draw a dog.

Needed Materials

Get all the materials before starting the activity to avoid hassles and delays. The materials that will be used in this activity include a sketchpad, a pencil and an eraser. Other needed materials to make a nice illustration of a dog are crayons or colored pens, a ruler and a protractor. Do not forget to get a picture of a dog that you want to draw.


Look at the picture of the dog that you want to draw before you start illustrating the image. Create the outline of the figure. Start by sketching a large horizontal rectangle on the center of the paper, which will serve as the outline for the body of the dog. Make a diagonal line at the upper left portion of the body. At the top of the line, make a small horizontal rectangle that will serve as the outline for the dog’s head. Below the body, sketch two vertical rectangles, one at the outer right part and the other at the outer left part. Make sure that the shapes are sketched lightly so that you will not have problems erasing them after you draw the details of the image.

Start adding details by looking at the reference picture. Start with the head of the dog. Shape the outline based on the desired shape of the dog’s head. Sketch the ears, nose and eyes. Add whiskers and spikes to make the illustration more attractive. Sketch the dog’s neck and modify the outline of the body. Add curve lines to shape the body of the canine. Add other details in the body like a tail. Sketch some curve lines along the body to represent the dog’s fur. Afterwards, look at the two rectangles below the body and shape them into the legs of the dog. Use the eraser to remove the outline and other unnecessary lines in the illustration. Use the crayons to color the drawing. Adding lively colors to the illustration will make it more realistic and interesting.

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