How to Draw a Rose

Do you like to practice your artistic skills? Do you want to impress your loved one by illustrating a beautiful and attractive flower? Do you like to know how to draw a rose? Below are the simple instructions for illustrating an alluring and lovely rose.

Required Materials

This activity is very simple and the required materials are few. To start this project, get a pencil, preferably number two pencil that you will use to make the illustration. Aside from the pencil, you will need a clean eraser to remove unnecessary curves and lines in the drawing. Another important material that will be used in this project is a light pen to highlight the lines of the illustration. Finally, get a thick paper or use a paper that has a size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Simple Steps

Learning how to draw a rose is very easy and simple. Start the illustration by drawing a pentagon on the center of the paper. If you do not have a background on creating this shape, then draw a small circle. Mark five points at the outer portion of the circle. The points should have an equal distance between each other. Extend the points by drawing lines.

At the center of the pentagon, create five petals. Use these petals as a guide and draw four layers of petals from the middle of the pentagon shape. If you draw a small circle with five lines, then draw petals in the spaces between the lines. Create four overlapping layers of petals in each space.

To make the image more realistic and interesting, draw curves at the edges of the petals. Afterwards, use a light pen to shade the drawing. If you want the flower to have a stem and a leaf, draw a vertical line at the bottom of the rose. Connect a diagonal oval shape at the middle of the line. Use this shape as an outline for the leaf. Use a clean eraser to remove the lines that are not needed in the drawing. To add beauty to the illustration, you can shade the rose with pastel colors or a charcoal.

Tips and Warnings

Use white paper in the project to emphasize the drawing. If there are no available white papers, use light-colored papers. If you prefer to draw the illustration in a grayscale, do not forget to emphasize texture and lines of the drawing to make it more attractive. If you are not familiar with drawing a rose, it is best to look for a photograph or any picture of the flower that you can use as a guide for this project.

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