How to Use Copic Markers

Before using Copic markers, prepare the necessary materials for your drawing. This will include a blender marker, marker paper and any other drawing materials you want to employ.

Basic Marker Methods

Prepare the color palette you’re going to use. Get the lightest marker in your palette. Add more depth to your illustrations by layering light colors over dark ones. For example, you can make shadows by mixing dark and light brown. Add some depth by layering the edges. Don’t forget to create a light source.

To create texture, stippling the markers is recommended. Use this technique to split dark hues. This technique is good for drawing hair. By using Copic markers in this manner, you can also create
rugged surfaces and other coarse objects.

Pens and Copic Markers

By combining pens with Copic markers, you can create outlines and numerous shapes. You draw the outline with the pen and fill it up with the marker. If you’re learning how to draw, stamping can also be done.

For most exercises, a multiliner pen and permanent marker will be enough. Draw the corner of a building and use some Copic markers.
To focus on a particular area, draw a thick outline and add shadow effects with the Copic markers.

Another way of using Copic markers with pens is by adding line breaks. Whether you’re drawing a house or figure, line breaks are nice. It keeps the drawing from looking like it’s overdone.

Lettering with Copic Markers

Lettering remains one of the best ways to learn line drawing and shading. You can start by drawing simple letters and moving on to fancier fonts. There are several fonts in your computer which you can copy.

When drawing letters, start from the lightest color. Add the darker colors on top. Use a colorless blender to mix them in. Try smearing the edges for some unique effects.

When using Copic markers, you can utilize multiliner pens for the outlines. Draw a thick line and then use the marker. Again you can use break or dotted lines. Illustrate diagonal lines with a thin pen line.

Get a white pencil and draw some diagonal strokes. This will provide the letters with some highlights. You can do this on the edge too.

Tips and Warnings

Copic markers can be quite expensive. If you’re just starting out, get only a few basic colors. Add more as the need for them arises. There are many types of multiliner pens. Among the most widely used are 0.1 and 0.5.

The two will be good enough for starters. As your drawing skills grow, add more to your collection. Don’t fall into the trap of buying more pens and markers than you’re going to use.

Keep a blender nearby as the markers dry up fast. Color pencils add depth to an image, but apply them as the last layer. Copic markers and pens cannot draw over them.

Using Copic markers to learn how to draw can be a lot of fun. Try not to get frustrated when you’re learning how to use them, and just have fun.

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