How to Draw Flames

One of the most popular and interesting kinds of visual art, drawing is easy to learn if artists are dedicated. By learning the basic steps in outlining and detailing, this form of art helps individuals express their emotions by illustrating images and figures with the use of a pencil as well as a two dimensional medium. To practice the artistic skills of amateurs, it is best that they start with illustrations that have simple shapes and lines like flames. Below are the simple guidelines that people should know if they want to know how to draw flames.


Making an Outline

The first step is to identify the shape of the flame because it will determine the appearance of the image. It is also important to know the shape since it will be the basis for the outline. Amateurs are advised to start with S-shaped flames because it is the easiest. After identifying the shape, start illustrating it. S-shaped flames are composed of several S shapes and inverted S shapes. In addition, S-shaped flames are also consisted of curved lines.

To make an outline, draw small and big S shapes as well as inverted S shapes. Make sure that all the lines are connected to each other. Avoid having gaps between the flames. After making an outline for the flames, draw a horizontal line connecting the bottom tip of the first and last lines of the flames.

Providing Details

As soon as the outline for the illustration is ready, start making the details. Imagination is a very important factor when drawing the details of flames. Decide the shapes and types of lines to be used to draw the inside portion of the flames to make the image more attractive. The shapes can be small flames. Bear in mind that these shapes determine the flames’ movements. Afterwards, get an eraser to remove all the lines that are not needed for the drawing.

Finalizing the Illustration

The last step is to finalize the drawing. Use crayons to color the inside and outside portions of the flames. Make sure that the colors used for the shell are different from the inside of the flames. Some of the colors that can be used for the shell are orange and red. The inside can be colored with yellow, while the flames’ core is usually blue.

Additional Tips

Get all the materials before starting this activity. Make sure that the eraser and the paper are clean before using them. Look for photographs or illustrations of flames and use these as guide or reference for the drawing.

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