How to Draw a Dragon

How to Draw a Dragon

Drawing is an interesting visual art that uses several instruments such as a marker, color and a two-dimensional medium. It is very popular to artists because they can express their emotions and desires through this specific form of art. Amateurs who want to know the basics in drawing usually start with sketching attractive animals like dragons. To know how to draw a dragon, it is important to begin with learning the fundamental steps in outlining and detailing the image.

Doing the Outline


To mark the outline for the head of the dragon, use a light pencil and draw the figure of number eight on the center of the paper. The circle at the top of the figure represents the eyes of the dragon, while the circle at the bottom of the figure represents the nose.

Neck and Body

Make an S shape at the tip of the circle that represents the eyes of the image. Draw the same shape at the tip of the circle that represents the nose of the dragon. Make a big oval shape connecting the tips of the two S shapes to draw an outline for the dragon’s body.

Tail, Feet, Claws and Wings

Draw an arrow at the end of the oval shape to represent the tail. Outline the front feet as well as front claws of the dragon. To draw the back feet, make a horizontal oval that is perpendicular to the dragon’s body. At the lower portion of the oval shape, outline the claws. Do not forget to outline the wings on the upper portion of the dragon’s body.



To have an idea about the face of a dragon, look at pictures from magazines, comics and books. Draw round eyes inside the upper circle and draw the snout or the nose inside the lower circle. Add ears and horns to make the figure more attractive and interesting.

Wings and Other Body Parts

To make a fierce-looking dragon, draw spikes as well as scales on the wings. It is also best to draw bony protrusions to improve the outline. Some of the details that can be added in the other parts of the body of the dragon are pointed scales. In addition to the scales, it is important to draw horns on the dragon’s tail to add beauty to the drawing.


To make this drawing more realistic, use charcoals and markers to shade the various parts of the dragon. Aside from the materials, colors are also helpful to make the image more appealing.

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