How to Grill Corn

Another interesting and delicious way to cook corn other than boiling it is by grilling it. Nothing tastes as good as corn coming straight off the grill. Here are a few tips that should help you on how to grill corn:

Choose corns

Before you do anything else, first choose the type of corn that you want to grill. This ensures that the corn is fresh and has bright green husks and also fleshy kernels. Some corn will cook easier than others depending on freshness and plumpness of its kernels.

Pre heat grill

Light the grill and turn it up to the highest heating point. Corn should cook on medium heat.

Prepare the corn for grilling

If the corn needs to be cleaned, please do so before putting it on the grill. The corn can be prepared either of two ways. It can be cooked in the husks, that is, boiling it first then grilling it directly. It can also be cooked by boiling after removing the husk and then grilling it in aluminum foil. In order to have great tasting grilled corns, it is best to soak corns in water for about 20 minutes so as to keep them moist when they are being grilled. Be sure to shake off excess water after soaking, as you want the corns to be wet and not dripping. Depending on the method of cooking, it is good to remove all excess husk and silts from the corn before putting it on the grill. This helps to ensure that the corn doesn’t burn easily.

Grill corn

Before putting the corns on the grill, lightly put some oil on the grill to prevent corns from sticking to it. Place the prepared corns on the preheated grill to cook for about 20-30 minutes. Turn corns every 10 minutes as the corn should be equally cooked.

Remove grilled corn

One way to know if the corns are properly grilled is if the remaining husks and silts become burnt or the corn is brown. Let the finished corn cool for 10 minutes before serving. Put seasoned butter or just plain butter with salt on finished corn before serving.

Here are a few tips and warnings that you should consider when planning to grill corns.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ensure that all the utensils needed are close by the grill. This will help to avoid mishaps and the corns getting burnt.
  • Have a bottle of water close by in the event that leakages from the fish cause a flare up on the grill. The water can be used to stop any flare up.

After following these tips and instructions on how to grill corn, you will realize that grilling corns is not as hard as was once thought. Your method of preparing corn will no longer be the same. After this you will be more open to trying new methods of cooking. Grilled corn is one that your family is sure to enjoy.

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