Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

There are no limits to the ways to kiss your boyfriend. Here are some kissing styles you can try.

Amusing Ways to Kiss

Your kisses don’t always need to be serious and emotional. For something more fun, try kissing him all over the face quickly. When you kiss him on the cheeks, move your face close so your eyes make contact with his cheek. When you kiss, blink. This results in a ticklish feeling. You can try this on his neck too.

If you’re in a public place or with other people, a little peck will be enough. This is a nice reminder of how much you love him without distracting people.

Another way to kiss your boyfriend is by giving him a peck behind the neck. You can also try kissing and nibbling his ears. This can be a romantic kiss or one of the silly types, it’s up to you.

Unusual Ways to Kiss

Kissing on the forehead is best done for those sweet romantic moments. You can do this before you go to sleep or when you wake up. A more playful one is to make nibbling gestures on his lips.
You can do this slowly or quickly.

For more fun, cover your eyes with a blindfold and try kissing him on different parts of his face. You can both wear blindfolds and practice different kisses.

Romantic Kisses

The French kiss is still one of the most popular ways to kiss your boyfriend. Just let your lips lock together and let your tongue work. Try moving your tongue slowly back and forth, or make quick movements in his mouth. To tease him a bit, bring your lips close, close enough to touch. When you’re about to lock lips, pull back.

If you want something romantic, try the “I love you kiss”. Kiss him and say “I”. Kiss him again and say “love” and so on. You can say ‘I love you”, or “I love you very much” etc. just be sure to punctuate each word with a kiss.

Kiss him with your mouth open. Keep your lips parted and make a few nibbling motions. One of the most well known ways to kiss your boyfriend good night is to kiss him on the nose, the forehead and the lips. The Eskimo kiss involves rubbing your noses together and then kissing.

A simple yet romantic way is to look him in the eyes, put your arms around his neck and kiss him. When kissing him on the ears or neck, make eye contact with him. You can also try this with other kisses; use your eyes and lips to convey your emotions.

When to Kiss

As important as the techniques is the timing. The next time you go trekking, snuggle up in the tent and plant a romantic kiss. You can also try kissing in the rain. If you’re swimming or diving, give your loved one a quick smack while you’re both underwater.

These are just some of the ways to kiss your boyfriend. Don’t be shy. By showing your passion by kissing, he’ll be more than happy to give in return.

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