How to Repair Leather Upholstery

How to repair leather upholstery

Leather upholstery
can add elegance and charm to any home. The material is generally durable when maintained and is easy to clean making it an ideal choice for homes with small children. However, if your leather upholstery becomes damaged by scratches or tears you may be able fix it yourself. By using the right tools and materials you can patch your leather furnishings and restore its former beauty.

Repair Leather Upholstery using a Kit.

You may purchase a leather repair kit at stores that specialize in the sale of auto parts. This typically costs no more than $10.00.

If there is a scratch on your leather you will need to do a bit of mixing and blending to get your adhesive to match the rest of the leather. Apply the adhesive using a toothpick. Place a strip of paper  over the area. The kit will provide pieces that have different grains on them, use the one that matches closest with your leather upholstery. Use the heat applicator to allow the glue to bond more firmly to the surface.

If the leather is torn you will need to  create a circular cut for patching purposes. Make it slightly larger than the torn area to avoid cutting more than necessary. Create a template from the patch that you can then use as a guide to fill out the area. You should be able to find a piece that adequately matches your leather upholstery at a fabric store. Place the matching piece in the area that has been removed and reinforce it with the adhesive. If you were unable to get a matching piece apply the adhesive all over the fabric. Use the heat applicator to ensure that the glue has bonded to the surface.

Repair leather upholstery using simple sewing techniques

You may use a standard needle and thread to fix tears that can be found in leather upholstery. If the area that has been torn is small enough you may use small stitches to re-join the area. This may not be practical for larger tears that will need to be patched. When repairing small tears use thread that is of the exact same colour of your leather. The stitches should be done close together and tightly so that they are not easily detected upon sight. You should use an upholstery needle that is thicker but which will not damage the fabric. Additionally, the thread should be thick enough to hold the pieces together.

Repair leather Upholstery using a blow dryer

You may use a blow dryer for superficial scrapes and scuffs on leather. This is not very difficult to do, however, be careful not to use excessively high heat that may damage the leather. While removing the scrapes or scuffs massage the leather. Ensure the heat is thoroughly covering the damaged areas. As you massage the area in conjunction with the application of heat you will notice that the marks will begin to fade. Depending on the damage, the marks may not  be removed completely, however they will not be as obvious as they were before. Apply a bit of leather protectant to the area once you are satisfied with the results. This will help to keep the leather mark free.

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